Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Benefits of learning Violin

A kid learning violin lessons can gain the following benefits.

Developing a child’s motor skills

Playing the violin is an art of its own. It tests the violinist’s hand eye coordination and nimbleness as he or she makes the different fingering changes required for each piece of music. The brain subconsciously deciphers the notes reflected on the score and converts them into specific motor patterns required to perform a musical piece.

Personality Development

For a violinist, practice is everything. In order to completely master a particular music piece, the violinist would have to go through a long and arduous process of trial and error. This involves internalizing and building the muscle memory required to be able to play the piece well. This process scales exponentially as the musical piece becomes more and more complicated. In between bouts of musical slumps, patience and the determination to push forward becomes an important trait that would enable a violinist to eventually pull through and be able to perform the piece well. This continuous process will become an opportunity to build character in your child, as he/she undergoes a journey of self discovery.

Appreciation of Music

Playing the violin, like all musical instruments, helps to develop your child’s appreciation for the fine arts. Music has long been one of the most important aspects of our cultural history. Taking up a musical instrument like the violin would expose your child to one of the most popular mediums of our cultural heritage and develop in him/her a keener appreciation for music.

In the course of picking up the violin, your child is not only restricted to merely learning how to play the instrument. He or she would also be required to take up the theoretical aspects of music, which include: musical score reading skills, historical classification of different types of musical periods, differentiating the different types of musical instruments and many other keener aspects of the musical world that would expand the horizons of your child’s understanding of music.